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Kitchen Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Are you an avid home chef? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and want to maximize the space? From keeping ingredients preserved to having all the essentials within reach, these storage ideas will make your kitchen worthy of a Michelin star chef. Elevate your passion— and cooking— with these great kitchen storage upgrade ideas!

What to Do With All Those Spices

As every chef knows, spices are an essential part of any delicious dish; to have a dish with no spice would be to eat something incredibly bland and uninspired. When it comes to storage, however, one of the harder things to find is a neat way to store the spices themselves. It’s easy to lose the smaller containers or pouches that these wonderful herbs come in far in the back of cabinets or pantries. The right storage for spices can make the world of difference— and a spice rack is an easy, space-saving fix. Our amazing pantry and kitchen storage systems can be equipped with a spice rack of any size upon request. Make it fast and easy to not only find and keep track of your spices but also keep them visible and available for quick use!

How About a Wine Rack?

Keep your wine organized and protected, and close by with the use of a wine rack. The taste of wine can be affected by how it’s stored, as most home chefs are aware. A custom-built wine rack can allow you to store your wine in a temperature-controlled space away from direct sunlight. In doing so, you ensure that your wine tastes exactly like it’s supposed to upon opening a bottle.

Nothing Like Some Open Shelves

Open shelving in your kitchen can be a stylish and advantageous way to add more storage to your kitchen. This type of storage easily allows you to find anything you’ll need, whether that be ingredients, tools, pans, plates, and more. Why hide away the tools of such a beautiful trade, when instead you can show them off with open shelving?

The Best Pantry Is an Organized Pantry

Does your pantry adequately store all the ingredients you need? Is it easy to keep organized and find what you’re looking for? When you stand at the door, can you see everything that’s inside? If your answer to any of these questions was a “no”, don’t worry— we can help! A custom-built pantry system from Incontro Closets will provide the perfect amount of storage for everything you need. Our pantries are also smartly laid out so that everything is easy to find and easily visible.

Ready to get started? To learn more about our custom options, or to get some ideas for your next project, visit Incontro Closets in Omaha, NE, today! We’re happy to work with you to design your perfect kitchen storage experience.

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