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Entryway Storage Ideas That Will Make Your House Feel Like Home

Having a well-designed storage system for your entryway is more important than you might think. It can help the rest of your home stay organized, help you keep track of important belongings, and even make your home feel more welcoming. The entryway is usually the first part of your home that any visitors, or even you, will see. Because of this, how the entryway feels can dictate whether a house feels like a home.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite entryway storage ideas.

A Place to Drop Items Off

Coats, keys, bags, and more—when coming and going from your home, there are plenty of items you’ll need to keep track of. Without the right kind of entryway storage, these items can end up misplaced and difficult to find when you need them. Avoid delays and frustration with a dedicated entryway storage system to keep things organized. It’s important to have a place to store coats, keys, bags, sunglasses, and other accessories. Keep yourself organized and calm when leaving and coming home, and your attitude towards the space will change significantly.

A Place to Sit

Having a place to sit right at your entrance can have many benefits. First and foremost, it offers a place to easily put on or take your shoes off. A storage-seating duo also provides additional space to store your belongings. A seating area can also give your home a more welcoming vibe. Places to sit are also a great way to help out your older family members when they come to visit. Having a moment to sit and collect your breath, especially when removing shoes and coats, can make a world of difference the older you are when such tasks become trickier to do.

A Place to Store Shoes

A place to store shoes is an essential part of any good entryway storage system. Any type of storage will work, from shoe racks to cubbies. The team at Incontro Closets can help you find the ideal storage system for your shoes, including both vertical and horizontal options. That way, you can declutter your entryway and keep it looking pristine while still having easy access to all of your shoes right at the door where you need them most.

Floating Shelves and Hooks

Floating shelves and a place to hang items can make your entryway more practical without taking up too much space. This option is great for smaller homes and can help you keep track of essential items like keys, sunglasses, and coats. Not only that, but floating shelves and hooks also lend the home an air of sophistication and ease; it’s much easier to hang up a coat on a floating hook than having to open a closet to tuck it away inside, after all!

Create a Custom Entryway Storage System

No storage space at your entryway? We can help! With beautiful, custom-designed storage systems of all sizes, we’ll help you get the most out of your space and make room for life.

Ready to create a truly customized storage space for your entryway? Then reach out to us at Incontro Closets today! Our amazing team will work with you all the way from vision to completion and help your dreams become a reality. Contact us today to learn more, or visit us at our showroom in Omaha, NE!

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