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How to Create the Perfect Custom Laundry Room

If you are like most busy families, chores tend to pile up towards the end of each week, leaving you with a mountain of things to do. We understand keeping an organized home can be tricky, so let us help you! Avoid the weekly clothing pile-up and get your weekends back by investing in a custom laundry room. At Incontro Closets, we have various features to customize the perfect laundry room for your home.

Do I Need a Custom Laundry Room?

Absolutely! Instead of piling up clothes on the sofa or at the end of your bed, having a custom laundry room allows you to keep all parts of your home tidy. Not only will you create more space to get your chores done, but it also creates less stress for yourself by keeping everything in one place! If you lack space for all your clothes, maybe it’s time to consider a custom closet too! We’ll take care of the customizations for your laundry room so that you have everything you need ready to go! Here are a few features to keep in mind:

A Custom Shelving System for Easy Access

Implement custom shelving in your laundry room for easy access to laundry detergents and other washing items you’ll need. Custom shelving also allows for an element of design by showcasing simple art or indoor plants. We also recommend having hanging rods installed to dry any delicate clothing you have.

Custom Cabinets and Cubbies

Custom cabinets and cubbies are great storage solutions that help keep your ironing boards, steamers, and cleaning supplies neat and tucked away. Cubbies can be used for shoe storage and more! Organize your cabinets by grouping similar items together in one place. Place any items you regularly use at eye-level within reach and place extra inventory below.

Invest in Custom Hampers

Never look at a mountain of clothes in your room again by using custom hampers in the laundry room. This way, you won’t have to spend time lugging piles of clothing from all corners of your home. Custom hampers also help cut down time spent sorting clothes by grouping colors. Getting your kids and teens involved during laundry day has never been easier.

Tidy Up with Incontro Closets Today!

The team at Incontro Closets is here to help you design the custom laundry space of your dreams! Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free design consultation! We’ll work with you to create a custom laundry room that maximizes productivity and alleviates stress—don’t ever worry about mountains of laundry bothering you again.

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