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How to Cut Clutter in Your Child’s Closet

Children outgrow their clothes and toys at an impressive rate, which means closet clutter quickly piles up. If your child’s closet is bursting at the seams, help is available! Check out these closet storage tips from the team at Incontro Closets.

Start By Sorting, And Be Prepared to Compromise

It might be tempting to just chuck everything into a garbage bag, but that probably won’t go over too well with your little ones! Instead, plan to spend an afternoon with your child and go through their closet.

Start by taking everything out of their closet. Are there any old items that could be given away? Does anything need to be stored in a different area of your home? Keep in mind that getting rid of old items can be an emotional process, especially for children. Some kids find it difficult to part with toys or clothes, even if they haven’t touched them in years.

Take lots of short breaks, and be prepared to make a few compromises. Offer to store some items with sentimental value in long-term storage (such as in the garage) so they’re out of the way and not taking up space that is used daily. Decide on a reasonable number of stuffed toys or toy cars your child can keep, and let them choose which ones to donate.

Regularly Check In With Solo Cleaners

If your kids are old enough to clean their closets themselves, there is no reason why you would have to stay and watch them the whole time. But you’ll want to check in on them from time to time to make sure they’re not just cramming the clutter into another space. This goes for regular room-cleaning time, too!

Organize Everything With Labels

Too much of a great thing becomes… clutter! To help your child put things away efficiently—and to help you recognize when they have too many of one thing—create designated storage space and add a label! Even if your child takes all their toys out at once, they’ll have no trouble putting everything back where it belongs. And if you start to realize there are too many craft supplies on the art shelf, or the teddy bear bin is overflowing, you’ll know it’s time to scale back.

Top Tip: If your kids are too young to read, add pictures to your labels!

Upgrade Your Child’s Closet With Incontro Closets!

It can be difficult to cut down on clutter and keep things organized when the closet isn’t designed for your needs, and this is especially true for kids. If you’re struggling to find the right storage solutions, it may be time to upgrade your closet.

With Incontro Closets, you can create perfectly-sized shelves and cabinets custom-designed for your child’s needs. If your child is the “out of sight, out of mind” type, pegboards and open shelves are a great option. And since children’s clothes are smaller than adults’, you can add a double-hang area, belt rack, and even a shoe rack to maximize space and keep things in their place.

Ready to get started? To learn more about our custom closet options, or to get some ideas for your next project, visit Incontro Closets in Omaha, NE, today! We’re happy to work with you to design and build the perfect closet for your child’s room.

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