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4 Tips to a Productive Home Office

Here are some essential secrets and tips for creating a highly productive home workspace! Our team are the experts when it comes to uniquely designed custom home offices. We’re here to help you craft a home office space that makes you feel productive, focused, and at ease.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter in your workspace can lead to a disorganised mind. The first step to improving your productivity is to eliminate clutter from your home workspace. This step will also help you take stock of the ideal storage solution you need for your workspace. Organise those papers, remove those items that don’t belong, and develop a system to help you stay organised long-term. The latter goal might seem daunting, but our team can provide you with custom storage solutions that will keep you organised!

Keep Things Light and Bright

Natural light and good ventilation are both essential to staying productive during long workdays. Without both, your mind can feel weighed down and uncreative. It's best to find an office spot at home that has both natural light and access to fresh air, such as a window that can be opened. You can recreate the same experience in your home with good lighting, air purifiers, and fans if that place doesn't exist.

Find a Quiet Location

Noise is disruptive—so don’t let it ruin your work from home focus sessions! Aside from working in an area away from high-traffic and high-noise areas of your home, there are other ways to focus in a noisy environment. White noise machines, noise-blocking headphones, and even physical dividers can help eliminate noise in your office space.

Upgrade to a Custom Home Office Solution

If your home office situation just isn’t up to par, consider upgrading to a custom solution from Incontro Closets! With a variety of desks and storage spaces as well as multipurpose designs like Murphy beds and home office combinations, we can help you design your dream home office without sacrificing functionality.

Contact The Team at Incontro Closets to Learn More!

The team at Incontro Closets is here to help you design the home office of your dreams! We’ll work with you to create a home office that allows you to maximize your productivity and stay motivated while working from home. Contact us today to learn more and get started with a free design consultation!

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